Why are BTS ARMY so obsessed with BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK and BTS are undoubtedly biggest girl group and boy group respectively. As both the groups have big fan following so undoubtedly there will be rivalry between the fans of BLACKPINK and BTS. 

Both BLACKPINK and BTS are nominated for Group of the year award at VMAs 2022. As a fan we should vote for our favourite group without playing dirty but BTS ARMY can’t help but play dirty eveytime BTS is competing with BLACKPINK. 

Voting for ‘Group of the year’ award has started and fans have to vote for their favourite group on MTV official Instagram page. In the first round BLACKPINK was competing with Foo Fighters and BTS ARMY were deliberately voting for Foo Fighters because they don’t want BLACKPINK to win the award. There is nothing wrong with voting for Foo Fighters if they like the group and its music but if they’re voting for the said group cause they hate BLACKPINK and they don’t want BLACKPINK to win the award then that’s where they’re playing dirty.

In the second round of voting BLACKPINK is competing against Silk Sonic and once again BTS ARMY are found voting against BLACKPINK’s opponents because they hate BLACKPINK not because they love Slik Sonic and Foo Fighters. They even went as far as private messaging their co-fans about voting for BLACKPINK’s opponents so BLACKPINK won’t win. Like if you want BTS to win the award then stop playing dirty. Doing all these tricks just proves how BTS ARMY are threatened by BLACKPINK existence.

Imagine creating new accounts for voting not because you love BTS but because you hate BLACKPINK. If this is not obsession then i don’t know what this kind of behaviour is called. Lets vote for our favourites without playing dirty!

What do you think?

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