Why are idols not good at covering YG singers’ songs?

When I watch music festivals and awards ceremonies at the end of the year, idols always cover SM singers’ songs, but they don’t seem to be good at covering YG singers’ songs

However, I’ve watched ‘Bang Bang Bang’ stages a few times, but I don’t think I’ve seen cover stages of 2NE1’s songs

Songs like ‘I Am The Best’ or Fire are really legendary songs, so I want to see other idols cover them, but no…

What is the reason?

1. [+74, -11] It’s hard to bring out YG vibes, they’re just cursed for covering them

2. [+25, -1] Idols are not good at covering YG singers’ songsㅋㅋㅋㅋ The music color is so different

3. [+23, -0] Honestly, I don’t think any female idol can imitate 2NE1’s vibes. Also, the quality of BIGBANG’s songs is so good, and the songs are so popular that if other idols make mistakes, you will feel that they are not as good as the original songs

4. [+17, -0] ‘Bang Bang Bang’ has a lot of covers, right? Stray Kids, and ENHYPEN this time? But I don’t think there are stages that cover 2EN1’s songs

5. [+8, -0] Honestly, only 2NE1 is the best at performing their songs…

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