‘Wild-dol’ viewers ask if this is necessary in training to become an idol

Article: Idol survival show ‘Wild-dols’ under controversy for being too harsh

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+234] What does any of this have anything to do with being an idol?

2. [+103] This feels like some show they just cobbled together to rake in views from international fans. What is the point in even casting these kids who don’t even look like idols and putting them through all this training that has nothing to do with being an idol.

3. [+69] Whether all this training is too harsh or not, why are they even doing this to kids who just want to become idols… And these kids don’t even look like idols…

4. [+24] They’re going to pick idols through these trainings?

5. [+3] Why is this even necessary to become an idol?

6. [+36] So how are these trainings supposed to help judges see who has the talent or skill of being a singer or an idol? Why do you think so many top level singers and idols push and postpone army enlistments where these trainings take place? What could these kids possibly learn from army trainings that will help them as celebrity debuts?

7. I wonder if any of this will be helpful to them after debut

8. This just has nothing to do with being an idol;

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