WINNER is more popular than EXO, their popularity is the highest after BTS?

But except for BTS, WINNER’s popularity is the highest, right?

I’m curious how their fandom is so weak compared to their popularity and musical achievementsㅋㅋ

They have a lot of hit songs like ‘REALLY REALLY’, ‘EMPTY’, ‘MILLIONS’, ‘Love Me Love Me’

[+123, -62]

1. [+113, -61] Seriously, in terms of popularity, isn’t WINNER superior to EXO?

2. [+82, -47] Does EXO have a conscience?

3. [+75, -45] EXO’s popularity…? Isn’t that what the fans are saying for themselves?

4. [+42, -55] Is there any BTS song that is more known to the public than ‘REALLY REALLY’? I’m not talking about songs that rank high on charts or Billboard thanks to fans

5. [+33, -23] No, I’m not a fan, but isn’t EXO more popular? Even if you ask your parents’ generation or elementary school students, even if you ask teenagers and people in their 20s, I think there are more people who know EXO than WINNER

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