Woo Ji Yoon announces her departure from Bolbbalgan Sachungi ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Bolbbalgan Sachungi, Woo Ji Yoon leaves the group… “Ahn Ji Young to promote as sole member”

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+3,419, -156] She’s young, I can only imagine how much it must hurt to see only Ahn Ji Young get all the attention. Probably what happened to duos like 10cm and MeloMance..

2. [+2,763, -237] Honestly, Ahn Ji Young hard carried them anyway. She does all of the composing and everything.

3. [+1,393, -92] ??????

4. [+416, -7] Woo Ji Yoon composes songs too but their agency only releases Ahn Ji Young’s so I can see why she’d want to reconsider her future. They don’t let her sing, they don’t let her compose songs, she’s basically an extra on stage. What’s the point in making money if you don’t get to do what you like to do?

5. [+329, -7] What I find interesting is that even the member with the least presence has an absence when they leave. Look at examples like Rose Motel, 10cm, the Jadoo, etc. The members who left never had a big role in the group but the groups all declined in popularity after they left.

6. [+280, -23] Davichi with the real friendship…

7. [+266, -42] They never looked super close to each other anyway. Woo Ji Yoon fighting.

8. [+249, -1] Imagine all the things she had to hear behind her back this whole time

9. [+249, -3] I’m sure most predicted that this would happen

10. [+237, -21] I knew this would happen… Ahn Ji Young composes all of their title tracks, does all of their singing, has the better looks… Woo Ji Yoon probably felt like the extra the entire time.

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