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Article: ‘World of the Married’ Shim Eun Woo admits to school bullying and apologizes to victim in person

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+338] School bullying is not something that can just be forgiven over an apology… because didn’t you choose to be evil at the time when you tortured them??!!

2. [+293] She’s only apologizing because the scandal broke out..? Farewell 🙌

3. [+176] Guess it’s over for her too

4. [+171] Even if she apologized, she should refrain from taking on any public roles if she truly wants to reflect. The victim will have suffered traumas that will last a lifetime, she should have to repent for the rest of her life as well..

5. [+71] This is all the more shocking because it’s always the people you least expected it from ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+15] Something about her seemed mean to me~

7. [+10] Farewell to her too

8. [+4] Why do all celebrities caught for school bullying always say the same thing… that they were immature and young? There must be a manual for these things that they’re following. 

9. [+2] Always with the “immature and young”, there’s no way they couldn’t have known that bullying someone is a bad thing to do 🥵 you’re not a pre-schooler…

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