Yena Choi, Solo Song ‘Smiley’ Topped Domestic Music Charts

Kpop singer Yena Choi is showing a scary rise at the same time as her solo debut.

On the afternoon of February 14, Yena Choi’s first mini-album, ‘SMiLEY’ title song ‘SMILEY (feat. BIBI)’, topped Melon’s latest chart. She also recorded an amazing performance, reaching #5 on the Melon TOP100 chart.

Yena appeared in the music industry on January 17 and announced her successful solo debut by charting in all songs right after the release of ‘SMiLEY.’

Since then, Yena has topped YouTube’s popularity rapidly rising video and topped the YouTube music video trending worldwide chart with the title song ‘SmileY.’

Also, its initial sales recorded 64,073 copies (based on the Hanteo chart tally from Jan. 17-23), signaling a fresh start.

In addition, ‘SMILEY’ topped the Bugs real-time chart 11 days after its release, and fans made their own ‘SMILEY’ challenge.

Particularly, Yena Choi caught the attention of fans by taking first place for the first time since her solo debut on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown,’ which aired on February 10. 

Yena recently wrapped up her music broadcast activities but emerged as a candidate for the top spot and set up the stage. Amid fierce competition, she held her first-place trophy and achieved a successful conclusion.

Yena Choi has established a solid position by writing various records about a month since her solo debut. She gained public attention as an all-round artist who will surely move forward.

Meanwhile, Kpop singer Yena Choi will continue to meet with fans through various content.


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