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This time, it’s former MOMOLAND Member Yeonwoo with a reveal… Fancafe post alludes to being forced to leave the group

“Is everyone sleeping?

I’ve had a lot on my mind for the past couple of days, so I’m coming here at this late hour. It’s a bit of a serious topic but as always, there isn’t anything big.

Whenever I turn on a livestream on Instagram, tough topics keep coming up in the chat. And if I don’t respond to them, there are those who get angry at that.

Everyone. How many people out there have the courage to cleanly give up everything they dedicated their youth to for something new? I am not that bold. And I don’t have the will to do that either. Not in the past and not in the present. All I did was hold back, endure, and hold on but it was no use. I didn’t betray you all out of greed of wanting to do something else. Do you know how painful it is to be misunderstood and criticized by the people you love? Please stop. You know that I can’t explain everything. Why do some people still hang on to words that didn’t come from my mouth, thoughts that didn’t come from my head, and actions that I didn’t do?

And I don’t want to get hung up on the changes I underwent and how difficult it was. I don’t want to cry anymore. I just want to draw a future with you, the people I love, and be happy. We’ve gone through enough tough times, haven’t we?

I’m doing something new right now. I don’t have a choice beyond this. I have to do this if I want to keep my dream going, I have to do this to feel alive, and I have to do this if I want to keep seeing you. What would I do if I gave it all up?

Everyone, I know that the majority of people here are those who love and trust me, but I really have nowhere else to say this. I felt like speaking in an open space would not be proper, so I came here. I’m sorry.

Even if you hate me, I love you all. Just. I know my words could feel like a burden. But I’m putting in the effort to do well. As long as people recognize that, I would be so, so grateful. It’s late, I’m sorry. Goodnight.” cr

original post: nate

1. [+3727, -37] Thanks to Mina coming forward, she’s giving others bravery to say everything. Find strength.

2. [+3408, -44] Don’t suffer injustice. The power of the public is stronger than you think.

3. [+3190, -22] Yes, we live in a world where we should be more honest now…

4. [+217, -1] Now, boy groups, girl groups, celebrities, if you’re being bullied or abused, please share your stories with us and please fight! We will take your side and show you support. Don’t swallow it! Seeing Mina’s wrist is making me so angry.

5. [+195, -20] I doubt it’s not just girl groups, but boy groups, I bet there are hundreds of Mina out there. This is why character, moral, and ethics education is so important for teens. Instead, teens are taught to survive in ruthless competition… This is how the devils are born

6. [+195, -20] I bet there’s something in TWICE too

7. [+177, -8] Only the prettiest members are bullied… Why?

8. [+165, -1] What a mess… Other groups better get in line too… Now is the time to share your story of injustice..

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