Yeonwoo’s fancafe post hints that her Momoland leave may have been due to other reasons ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Nate

1. [+1,653, -20] Thanks to Mina coming forward, she’s giving others enough bravery to step forward as well. Find strength.

2. [+1,469, -23] Don’t hold back when facing injustice. The power of the public is stronger than you think.

3. [+1,354, -13] Yes, we live in a world where we should be more honest now…

4. [+96, -0] Boy groups, girl groups, celebrities, come out with your #metoo stories if you were bullied or abused! We will take your side and show you support. Don’t swallow it and let it go! Seeing Mina’s wrist is making me so angry.

5. [+86, -5] I bet there’s something in Twice too

6. [+84, -2] I doubt it’s just girl groups, I bet there are hundreds of Minas out there, boy groups included. This is why character, moral, and ethics education is so important for our youth. Instead, teens are taught to survive in ruthless competition. I doubt many of them matured with much introspective growth…. and among them are how devils are born.

7. [+79, -0] What a mess… other groups better get in line too… if you want to share your story of injustice, now is the time…

8. [+73, -2] It’s always the prettiest members who are bullied… why is that so?

9. [+67, -6] The industry needs a cleansing

10. [+49, -1] Mina and Yeonwoo seem to have suffered for being the prettiest in their groups

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