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YG BLACKPINK’s hoobae group spoiler revealed

Kang Seo Jin born in 2000.9.25, 168cm

She used to appear on K-pop Star + was cast by SM + made a featuring on Kwon Hyunbin’s YouTube

There are still no info about the other members

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1. [+139, -5] Do they not have anyone in the Sandara-Jinwoo-Jisoo’s visual lineup?

2. [+105, -76] I’m writing this comment because people are dragging Lisa below. Lisa is so pretty, has good proportions and dances well. She was their #1 trainee. Even though she’s a foreign member, she studied Korean so hard and she even speaks 3 languages… That’s why she has over 50 million followers on Instagram and she’s also the ambassador for Celine and Bulgari..

3. [+82, -0] But are you sure this is their final lineup…? Where did you get this?? When I looked at the YG trainees’ gallery, there really wasn’t anything about them

4. [+64, -6] Why do you guys hate Lisa? Lisa’s face, body and skills are all above average

5. [+47, -1] Kim Jennie during her trainee days

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