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Yoo Ah-in’s indictment leaked, habitually injected 9.6L in drugs 181 times and sent “threatening” texts after coercing acquaintances to commit crimes

Article: Yoo Ah-in’s real face.. encouraged marijuana to make him an accomplice → habitually administered propofol 181 times

Source: Herald Pop

It has been revealed that actor Yoo Ah-in encouraged acquaintances to abuse drugs.

On the 2nd, The Fact published Yoo Ah-in’s indictment obtained through the Office of Democratic Party of Korea lawmaker Park Yong-jin of National Assembly Legislation and Judiciary Committee. According to the document, the actor was indicted on 19th of last month on charges including habitual drug use, smoking marijuana, and destruction of evidence. 

Yoo Ah-in habitually administered 9.6L of medical propofol 181 times at 14 hospitals over a period of 2 years from September 2020 under the pretense of anesthesia for cosmetic procedures, and injected 44 doses of medical propofol through his older sister from May 2021 to August 2022. He’s also suspected of illegally getting prescription sleeping pills in the names of others, including his father. 

It was also revealed that Yoo Ah-in even dragged an acquaintance into his drug-abuse crimes to hide the fact that he smoked marijuana. While smoking rolled paper marijuana at an outdoor swimming pool at his lodgings in L.A, California, YouTuber A and companions B and C witnessed it and Yoo Ah-in made A into an accomplice. He encouraged him to smoke saying, “It’s time to give it a try” to silence him because he was worried A would reveal his drug abuse to the outside world. The actor’s requests continued despite A’s refusals. 

It was also discovered that A eventually smoked marijuana due to Yoo Ah-in’s urging. Yoo Ah-in also taught him to smoke saying, “That’s not how you do it. Inhale more deeply.” 

In August this year, while under investigation, he also sent threatening retaliation texts to YouTuber B who’s also under investigation, telling him not to trust police. The prosecution confirmed charges that Yoo Ah-in and friend Choi caused an accomplice to flee abroad to hide their crime and coerced and threatened another accomplice into retracting his statement. Choi was also handed over to trial on charges of smoking marijuana and threatening retaliation under the Aggravated Act of Crimes. 

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah-in’s first trial will be held on the 14th. 

Additional Source: Xports News

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