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Article: Yoon Hye Jin on Um Tae Woong’s ‘prostitution’ scandal, “My husband deserves punishment for what he’s done… but I have forgiven him”

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+5,859, -246] The person deserving of hate is the kkot-baem, then Um Tae Woong. The wife did nothing wrong, don’t leave hate comments on her.

2. [+4,648, -178] I commend her ability to withstand all of this for the sake of her child. A husband is just a husband. She should live her life as she wishes.

3. [+3,900, -121] She’s a saint…

4. [+383, -20] It’s easy for people to question why she’s staying with him instead of getting a divorce but any mother would know that it’s not easy to just divorce because your husband did something like that. Sometimes you just have to clench your eyes shut and keep the family together for your child. She said she forgave him, there’s no point in strangers giving their input on this anymore.

5. [+340, -17] That’s right. When the wife forgives the husband, it’s no longer any of our business. I wish the wife happiness.

6. [+325, -11] This pathetic guy got himself a nice wife

7. [+265, -7] I can’t imagine the emotional suffering. Sure, she’s forgiven him, but imagine how she feels on the inside. I’m thinking she’s staying for the daughter… I wish her happiness…

8. [+226, -9] There are not a lot of women in real life who can pull off what Ji Sun Woo did. People argue that getting a divorce is better for the child but if life was that simple, then half of our country would be divorced. It’s more likely that the father is a big part of the child’s life as well, leaving the mother with little options, just like ‘The World of the Married’.

9. [+182, -1] I would not be able to handle it mentally if the entire world knew that my husband cheatd on me with a prostitute. It’s no different from publicly executing your own wife. I hope he’s putting ointment on his wife’s ripped heart for the rest of her life, not that the wound will ever heal.

10. [+156, -12] She’s probably staying for Jion… that’s how moms are… ㅜㅜ

11. [+141, -4] At least she’s honest. And she’s right. The world can hate but she has to do what she has to do to protect her family, even if that means forgiving him. We can hate on Um Tae Woong but we have no right to hate on the wife who chose forgiveness.

12. [+113, -9] Could you ever go back to sleeping with a man who cheated on you..? I couldn’t… I’d probably throw up. She’s amazing for putting up with it..

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