Yoona passes the ‘Innisfree’ baton to Jang Wonyoung ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Innisfree picks new model to take over after Yoona

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+657] Jang Wonyoung seems more like an Etude House model fit, like that princess-y image

2. [+509] Yoona was always the best fit for Innisfree

3. [+326] “She’s not a match” ㅋㅋ yeah okay, she’s a better match than you’ll ever be

4. [+142] I do think that was a bit unexpected… but maybe Innisfree is trying to switch up their brand image 

5. [+112] What a mismatch, I always thought Black Pink’s Jisoo was the perfect next fit 😢

6. [+142] Yoona was the perfect fit for Innisfree

7. [+87] Yoona will always represent Innisfree to me ☘☘

8. [+79] Wouldn’t you need another top model like Yoona to replace her for a proper fit…

9. [+34] I always think of Yoona first when I hear Innisfree ㅠㅠ but she’s now an Estee Lauder model. Innisfree should’ve gone with IU, Chae Soobin, or Bini..

10. [+24] Omona, how perfect ❤️ Wonyoung is so pretty 😍😍

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