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Yoona writes handwritten apology for karaoke live with Lee Hyori, “It was a misjudgment”

“Hello, this is Lim YoonA.
First of all, I am sincerely reflecting on myself for causing concern due to my careless action.. I apologize..

My thoughts and judgment were poor during this period when everyone is having a hard time and should be careful. I will put in much effort to act more cautiously from now on.

I am deeply reflecting for not being attentive of the medical professionals and people of the nation who continue to work hard for COVID-19.
I once again apologize for causing concern to everyone…” cr

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1. [+1713, -235] I think it’s going too far to expect her to write a handwritten apology over going to karaoke. There are lots of people in restaurants and cafes without masks, and a lot of businesses like PC bangs and arcade rooms are all open. I don’t understand why this is controversial. These businesses are all disinfecting and running temperature checks before entering

2. [+1605, -230] This isn’t some drunk driving, drug, or s*xual harassment scandals… Is this really something to be writing a handwritten apology? I think they were both taken aback by the reactions because they’re both so soft-hearted. Linda G~ You’re doing well these days. Thanks to you, I laughed a lot while watching variety shows. Yoona-ssi, don’t beat yourself up too hard… People are so angry these days … We have to hope this pandemic to pass and people can start to feel relaxed and comfortable.

3. [+1210, -240] I’m here to read the article, but I’m so impressed that she’s so pretty..;;; Anyway, as long as businesses are following prevention orders, and if the business is normal, anyone can go out

4. [+92, -60] How can people not find this wrong?… here are rising cases in the news these days.. Everyone should be careful until this is over. I couldn’t go out and meet my friends. As a public figure, she must be a role model for the people.

5. [+88, -37] Going to karaoke is fine, however, if you think about Lee Hyori and Yoona’s influence, they shouldn’t have streamed it live. And haters should only be allowed to hate if they haven’t stepped out of the house so far.

6. [+45, -50] The wrong thing is she went to karaoke at this point

7. [+43, -66] I don’t know what’s wrong with this…

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