You have to have this face to pass all SM, JYP, and YG auditions

NMIXX Sullyoon who passed the auditions of all 3 big agencies

The reason she chose JYP is because she’s a fan of TWICE

Her article and preview photos from their debut showcase

1. She reminds me of how shocked I was when I saw Kim Tae Hee for the first time, seriously..

2. Wow, but she even has good skills with that face

3. She reminds me a bit of Jang Nara and also reminds me of Tzuyu

4. Wow, she’s been perfect since she was a kid

5. She’s the prettiest girl I’ve seen these days

6. They don’t look alike, but something reminds me of Kim Tae Hee. She’s still a rookie, so I think she’ll get prettier and prettier

7. She appears a lot these days, she’s so popular

8. She’s so pretty that I don’t even think she’s human

9. She looks like a princess, she’s the prettiest

10. She has a pretty face, but she’s also good at dancing and singing ㅠㅠ

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