YouTube channel ‘Kizzle’ criticized for having children read hate comments to rookie girl group ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Children reading hate comments to a rookie girl group, YouTube video under controversy

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+661] Whoever planned this isn’t right in the head

2. [+305] Couldn’t they just have gotten adults to read these comments to actors who were given explanations about the situation beforehand? ㅡㅡ It’s not like these children wrote the comments, why force them to read it? This feels like a form of abuse. 

3. [+194] Now it’s time for the producers to read these hate comments 🔥🔥

4. [+317] What was the point in having specifically children read the comments to them…?

5. [+85] Why have the comments read to them at all? It’s not like they’re positive.. what happens if the girl group gets hurt by it? 

6. [+70] Can’t believe no one in the production process was like “hey, this is a bad idea”?

7. [+77] The poor kids being forced to read this stuff, the poor idols being forced to listen to it

8. [+27] I remember Sulli was given hate comments to read as well. Whoever planned this deserves to be slapped upside the head.

9. [+13] Remember Sulli was on a show like this too.. and look what happened. The producer is in the wrong for this one.

10. [+6] No matter how strong someone’s mental is… this is going too far. 

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