2PM Chansung will marry his fiancée who is 8 years older than him

‘Wedding’ Chansung, his bride is 8 years older than him… Overcoming the age gap

Chansung is getting married to his fiancée who is 8 years older than him. The wedding is expected to take place at the beginning of the year

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1. I’ve seen a lot of celebrities marrying young girls. I’m surprised that his fiancée is 8 years older than him

2. 8 years old? His wife is 40 years old???? Wow, it’s like a web novel. I really envy her that her husband is an idol who is 8 years younger than her

3. I’m a fan, but I congratulate him

4. Chansung is over 30 years old, he’s old enough to get married

5. Be happy!!

6. Congratulations to Chansung!! Please live happily!!!

7. I’m a fan… I hope Chansung is happy!

8. They’ve been dating for 5 years. I think he’s a good guy, congratulations

9. I’ve been a fan of him for over 10 years.. I hope they live happily

10. Am I the only one who is jealous of her?

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