Actor Shin Hyun Joon denies claims of abuse by his former manager of 13 years ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: YTN via Naver

1. [+4,006, -48] Whenever I watch ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’, there are a lot of moments where I feel like the managers are being mistreated. Celebrities apparently don’t like walking so they’ll start praising their managers amongst themselves if they park super close to the destination… some managers are expected to drive their celebrities to their in-laws and help set up the table, which celebrities will also praise for being like a part of the family. But… that’s not what the job of a manager is for ㅜㅜ Celebrities need to keep it professional like between Daniel Henney and his manager. They’re only there to get you from schedule A to schedule B. The show makes you realize that managers are basically slaves…

2. [+1,620, -104] Why did the manager stay for 13 years if the job drove him to thoughts of suicide? Why not quit?

3. [+1,382, -14] Shin Hyun Joon-ssi, if you think these claims aren’t fair, then release the receipts of your payment history for all the years he worked for you. If any of what the manager is claiming is true, you are truly a bad person.

4. [+893, -103] It kind of doesn’t make sense to me that someone would stay for 13 years when they’re being poorly treated

5. [+183, -8] But 13 years…? Why not just quit…?? Well, I’m going to stay neutral on this one.

6. [+110, -3] Gotta listen to both sides of the story these days

7. [+99, -3] I remember he was in the news a long time ago for assaulting his manager. It made me realize that he’s two faced…

8. [+100, -5] Who in their right mind would stay for such kind of treatment for 13 years? ㅋ Even Lee Soon Jae’s manager quit after 2 months. 

9. [+87, -7] Well, if it’s true, it’s shocking..

10. [+70, -2] I worked in a similar industry as a staff member and it’s true that celebrities treat their managers and coordis like slaves. It was almost embarrassing for me to watch as a third party. It’s disgusting to see those same celebrities act all gentle and innocent once the cameras start rolling. I know it’s wrong to generalize celebrities like that but the majority of what I saw was the case. I hope that reveals like this will hopefully move the industry to change for the better.

11. [+59, -6] 13 years? Wouldn’t most people quit in 2 years under such treatment?

12. [+51, -2] I mean, I understand exposing someone after working for them for 2 months but you took a whole 13 years and are only coming out now?

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