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aespa’s Winter and Karina Got Criticized For Going To A Bar But K-netizens Defended Them

“A bar is just a place with good wine”

On December 19, a netizen made a post on the Korean online forum Nate Pann with the title “Winter went to a bar.”

In particular, this netizen mentioned a conversation of Winter with a fan at a fan sign event held on December 18, in which she shared that she went to a Whiskey bar with Karina before. The netizen criticized Winter, saying, “To confidently say that you went there lol Does it honestly make sense that a female idol dared to say she went to a bar? If it was a male idol, he would have been heavily criticized for a few days, but it’s not discussed because she’s a girl lol.”

aespa winter

After only 6 hours, the post has gathered approximately 67,000 views. Upon seeing the netizen’s criticism, countless Internet users have come to the comment section to defend Winter.

The top comments are as follows,

“What do you think a bar is? Are you for real?”

“Are you thinking of a club or something? It’s a pretty famous place, another actor mentioned it as his favorite whiskey bar before.”

“They were seen at Jimin Jung’s whiskey bar, so fans asked Karina at the fan sign yesterday, and they said they didn’t know they had to go to the 1st branch and went to the 2nd branch instead. And at today’s fan signing event, fans asked again because it’s interesting to see Winter at a bar as she doesn’t usually drink. It’s cute that two girls who have been friends for 7 years went out for a drink, but now you are picking on them.”

“Are you crazy or do you really don’t know?”

“Whiskey bars, Cocktail bars are just places with delicious drinks. Make sure to go when you (OP) become an adult.”

Source: Nate Pann

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