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BOYNEXTDOOR, controversy over power abuse following excessive security “I came to see Fubao, but they pushed me”

Group BOYNEXTDOOR is engulfed in controversy, with concerns about excessive security and now, further criticism for inconsiderate filming

On Dec 19th, various online communities shared an incident where a person claimed to have suffered due to male idols while visiting Everland Panda World to see giant pandas.

On Dec 18th, on an online cafe sharing news about Everland Zoo, a post appeared stating, “Are celebrities at Panda World now? The staff blocks the entrance where people line up.”


The poster, A, expressed discomfort, “The staff blocked the entrance, shouting for people to clear out and preventing people from even forming lines. When I squeezed in, a male staff member pushed me. Isn’t this power abuse?”

A continued, “The group of celebrities didn’t wait in line; they went in directly. The fans with cameras rushed through the line, following and cutting in to take pictures. To us, Fubao is a celebrity, so it’s absurd.”

A also revealed pictures of BOYNEXTDOOR. At that time, one member had a drink in their hand in a zone where food and drinks were prohibited, sparking controversy.

Inside Panda World, there were notices indicating a ban on bringing drinks, but it seems the regulations were violated.


Previously, BOYNEXTDOOR was involved in controversy regarding excessive security. An incident where a security guard, responsible for their protection, pushed away a fan trying to take a picture spread online, leading to criticism.

Accordingly, KOZ Entertainment issued an apology on the fan community Weverse, stating, “We sincerely apologize to our fans for the issue that occurred due to the inappropriate actions of a security guard performing duties for BOYNEXTDOOR at Qingdao Airport on Dec 16th.” They expressed regret for the fan who suffered due to the security guard’s action.

Meanwhile, BOYNEXTDOOR is a 6-member boy group that debuted last May. It became a hot topic as it was produced by Block B’s Zico.

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