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Lee Naeun’s older sister “Absolutely no school violence, I sued the malicious commenters yesterday”

On June 16, April member Naeun’s older sister ‘A’ took part in an exclusive media outlet interview, where she stated, “I have never committed school bullying in my life, and I do not know who wrote that post about me at all.”

Previously, Naeun’s older sister, a non-celebrity, was accused of being a school bully via one anonymous online post. Afterward, Naeun’s sister ‘A’ set her Instagram to private as malicious commenters began flooding her SNS with hate. The anonymous post has also been deleted as of now.

According to Naeun’s sister ‘A’, “I tried to get in contact with this alleged ‘victim’ but they deleted the post and the SNS account used to make the post, so it’s impossible to find them. Currently, malicious netizens are leaving severe comments about me and my acquaintances, also sending sexual images; there is a significant amount of damage.”

‘A’ continued, “I attended an all girls’ school and never wore makeup during my school days, and I have never borrowed a P.E. uniform from anyone either. I never had an acquaintance with the surname ‘Song’. It seems that the post was fabricated with malicious intent. I have not been able to contact that person in any form, and I’ve never experienced anything similar to what they described, so I cannot even begin to suspect who this person might be.”

Finally, ‘A’ revealed, “As of now, I have filed lawsuits against 5 malicious commenters, and will continue to file lawsuits accordingly.” cr

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1. How can you upload someone else’s diary without permission? And why don’t you explain the contents of the back of the pages?

2. You accidentally saw Naeun’s diary and uploaded her diary without her permissionㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Well, the older sister works so hard to protect her younger sister, I think their relationship is so good

5. If you want to help your younger sister, just shut up

6. Can you explain the back of the diary?

7. You uploaded someone else’s diary without permission?

8. Why don’t you say anything about the back of the diary?

9. It reminds me of what Naeun’s mother said to Hyunjoo

10. Naeun’s older sister is also a celebrity right?

What do you think?

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