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Article: Trainees suspected to be next debuts in Big Hit’s group

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+610] What load of bull is this… how about Big Hit worry about TXT and ENHYPEN building a solid foundation before debuting another rookie group?

2. [+498] I think I’m starting to see the type of look that Big Hit is into now..

3. [+476] Shi Hyuk needs to stop

4. [+394] Shi Hyuk-ah, stop this

5. [+245] Ugh please, just worry about training our TXT and ENHYPEN please

6. [+196] They’re all damn handsome but… it hasn’t even been that long since ENHYPEN debuted. Why another debut so fast?

7. [+126] TXT and ENHYPEN still need to grow, though…

8. [+99] Why can’t this wait until TXT and ENHYPEN have gained more footing?

9. [+86] Fans were already asking for Big Hit to focus on TXT when they debuted ENHYPEN but now that we have these two anyway, can we please just focus on them before debuting another? I heard the other groups (not BTS) have to take turns using the practice rooms. At least get more rooms going. It’s ridiculous that Big Hit keeps expanding the company without giving their artists the support they need.

10. [+29] Leo has such a Big Hit face;

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