BLACKPINK Jisoo stuns netizens after transforming into Lisa

Jisoo’s beauty is crazy

She dresses up to look like Lisa from her solo activities on Halloween day

original post: pann

1. [+32, -4] She’s so f*cking pretty

2. [+28, -3] Wow Jisoo, why are you so pretty????????ㅜㅜㅜ

3. [+26, -4] Hul.. She’s so pretty… Every style is so pretty on Jisoo’s face~~

4. [+14, -0] Lisa asked Jisoo what she was going to do on Halloween, but Jisoo, who didn’t have any plans, probably said, “Me? You”

5. [+12, -2] Jisoo is so pretty, this style suits her so well. Please try more solo styles~~~

6. [+10, -1] Daebak… I think Jisoo suits this style… So pretty

7. [+10, -1] Soolisa~~

8. [+9, -1] So pretty~ ~ Jisoo always transforms in different styles.. She’s a genius with a pretty face~~

9. [+6, -0] legendary Ulzzang

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