BLACKPINK LISA once again proves why she is the best dancer in Kpop industry

LISA from BLACKPINK has always been praised for her dancing skills by not only fans and non-fans but also by professional dancers and choreographers. LISA is undoubtedly one of the best dancer in the kpop industry if not the world. Professional dancers have praised LISA for her body control, techniques, flexibility and musicality throughout the years. 

There are many amazing dancers in the kpop industry but not everyone is capable of becoming the case study. Professor Chuyon Oh, a professor of dance at San Diego State University, USA, majored in ballet and modern dance as a child, said about BLACKPINK LISA “BLACKPINK LISA seems to be the top dancer of this era. She is a dancer who is born with charisma and charm that draws attention to the stage. It makes me want to make it the subject of my next research.” 

We totally agree with Professor Chuyon Oh, LISA is indeed a dancer who is born with charisma and charm. We can’t help but look at LISA everytime she performs on the stage. LISA is born to be on the stage and she owns the stage. 

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