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Blackpink renew “group” contract with YG but not “individual” contracts, Lisa to go “independent”

Article: [Exclusive] ‘4-member Blackpink’ maintained… Group contract YES, individual contract undecided

Source: Munhwa Ilbo

Blackpink has agreed to continue their ‘group’ activities.

According to an exclusive report by Munhwa Ilbo, two members have already completed their contracts however their individual contracts are still unknown. Lisa has been confirmed to go “solo” independent route. Blackpink will maintain group activities, however, exclusive contracts between each member and YG were not signed. In the future, the members plan to carry out individual activities and come together only for Blackpink activities.

It has been confirmed that YG plans to make it official after signing contracts with the remaining members.

It’s still unclear whether all four members will sign an exclusive contract with YG. No member has yet to sign a solo contract. Lisa has decided to take her own path and the other members are also negotiating terms with various companies.

However, there are some members considering signing solo contracts with YG. An official from the music industry stated, “There are places that are offering down payments of tens of billions of won to recruit them. However, there are members who believe that it is more efficient to join hands with YG who has supported Blackpink’s activities so far and are still communicating with YG.”


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