BLACKPINK’s 2nd full album ‘Born Pink’ pre-orders surpass 2 million copies

BLACKPINK’s 2nd full album pre-orders surpass 2 million copies

Pre-orders for BLACKPINK’s 2nd full album ‘Born Pink’ have surpassed 2 million copies

This is officially the biggest pre-order record for an album by any Kpop girl group

1. I hope it passes 3 million copies!! BLACKPINK will get better!!!

2. Wow daebak

3. 2 million copies is crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. How many years has it been since BLACKPINK’s debut? They are so amazing

5. There are still 3 weeks left and I can’t wait to see how many more copies they will sell

6. BLACKPINK is daebak

7. Well, there are still 3 weeks left.. daebak

8. As expected, BLACKPINK is BLACKPINK

9. As expected from the one top girl group of the 3rd generation

10. Seriously, this is the golden age of female idols

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