[BREAKING] Bang Yedam and Mashiho terminate their exclusive contracts with YG + leave TREASURE

Article: TREASURE’s Bang Ye-dam and Mashiho’s sudden departure “to reorganize as 10”

Source: STAR News

Bang Yedam and Mashiho have left TREASURE.

On the 8th, YG Entertainment announced through Weverse, “After long discussions with Mashiho and Bang Yedam, their exclusive contracts have been terminated. Mashiho is in need of recovery for health reasons and in the case of Bang Yedam, we made this decision to create an environment where he can grow as a producer with his own unique color.”

They added, “TREASURE will reorganize as a 10-member group consisting of Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Yoshi, Jung Kyu, Jae-hyuk Asahi, Doyoung, Haruto, Jung-woo, and Jung-hwan.”

  1. [+118, -2] Bang Yedam is stuck in a multi zero talent group that’s not in demand.. I don’t know why everyone wants to see him debut solo. He’s been rotting at YG for 10 years already. This is not a helpful situation for Treasure or Yedam.
  2. [+87, -0] Why is YG getting cursed? I think they concluded this well, the members wanted to leave after they were given months to think and YG chose to cancel their contracts so that they can go to another company without any conditions. They didn’t ask the members to pay a fine or hinder their promotions like a small agency. They didn’t file lawsuits to terminate their contracts but instead respected the members intentions so it’s clearly not a forced withdrawal. 
  3. [+84, -1] If things were going to end like this, why even debut? Everyone was asking why Yedam didn’t debut solo and Mashiho has been making noise for a while.. I wonder how the members are feeling with them suddenly terminating their contracts like this. 
  4. [+59, -0] It’s YG’s fault waiting until now to announce this but I think they wanted to give them enough time to think through things before coming to a decision. As a longtime YG fan, I chose to wait for the agency’s position.
  5. [+35, -1] This is so frustrating… so why even take them here and there.. 
  6. [+30, -0] YG did well until the end. Unlike other idol agencies, they didn’t take them to court and force them to pay a penalty and ruin the group’s image. Health problems (superficial or not) can be quite upsetting and Yedam will get to do what he likes so just send them your support. 
  7. [+23, -1] At least don’t swear at YG. They did everything for Yedam to the point they were called Bangja-nim.
  8. [+22, -10] YG pulled a Cube.. what’s going on.. 
  9. [+21, -1] SM is a place where you can’t even debut without promoting as a ‘Rookie.’ YG is to blame for letting a trainee like him rot since they were 14 but at least they left on their own will.
  10. [+18, -0] Bang Yedam will get to do what he’s truly wants… but for Mashiho..  its a bit sad.. 

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