BTS Seollal “trick” greetings catch attention + Danielle’s “Chinese New Year” scandal escalates to over 35,000 comments

ArticleChinese New Year? Lunar New Year? BTS’ “wise” choice to avoid controversy

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Controversy is continuing after NewJeans Danielle‘s “Chinese New Year” comments.

Following Danielle’s apology on the 21st, BTS chose a “trick” to publicize the Korean language while avoiding controversy by writing ‘Seollal‘ that expresses ‘New Year‘ as it sounds.

However, even after her apology, controversy is continuing to escalate. Over 35,000 comments have been posted on NewJeans Instagram and Chinese netizens are continuing their protests writing, “Why are you apologizing for using the term ‘Chinese New Year?”

In addition, fans in UK and US are also responding to the scandal writing, “We call it ‘Chinese New Year’ too so why should you apologize for this?”

In this situation, BTS, who is a Korean idol singer with the most overseas fans, uploaded a video titled ‘Happy Seollal Greeting‘ on their official YouTube on the 21st. This is a wise choice that has prevented a controversy, naturally promoted Korean culture, and prevented a fan fight. 

Meanwhile, Korean Professor Seo Kyungdeok who is advocating for ‘Chinese New Year’ to be changed to ‘Lunar New Year’ globally to prevent distorted Chinese ideology is also facing attacks on his SNS and DMs by Chinese netizens over his comments. 

  1. [+1,161, -58] What our government should be doing Professor Seo and BTS are doing.. I’m sending you all my support! Stay strong!
  2. [+587, -4] The best Korean idol groups are those that don’t include mixed race kids or Chinese.. because the basic mindset of a Chinese and their dream is to use our idol system to gain fame while looking down on Korea and eventually stab us in the back and run away to the CCP. 
  3. [+308, -8] Seriously how can you have any pride being a Chinese? China itself is dying. They have nothing to put forward and are just upset that our Hallyu is sweeping the world, that’s why they want to eat off our country. China was once the center and are acting like the Korean Wave was created from stealing from their people. I think the Chinese are realizing the disaster that’s the CCP they’ve worshipped is just another nugu third world country that’s no longer effective. 
  4. [+202, -2] Are they seriously frothing at the mouth claiming we “stole” their New Years Day?? Aren’t they the ones that stole our culture claiming hanbok and kimchi are Chinese?
  5. [+155, -8] Is it Bang Si-hyuk behind that [BTS Seollal greeting] or someone else smarter that planned it? Anyway, whoever did it is quite clever..!
  6. [+60, -2] Idol groups that are coming out these days are a mix of Chinese kids, American and Thailand. But I like Bangtan the best since they have all Korean members.
  7. [+28, -0] These thugs with no roots plundered everyone’s cultural heritage and beat all their intellectuals to death. So now they have to rely on the culture and IP of neighboring countries and put out cosplays that they’re a “rich cultural powerhouse” just because they earned some money.. what traditions exactly do the communist Chinese have??
  8. [+20, -8] This is why BTS is a global star.. NewJeans needs to disband immediately and Danielle deported back to her host country. “Chinese New Year” when she’s earning her money off the backs of Koreans???!
  9. [+12, -2] Wuhan virus o. : Covid19 x
  10. [+11, -0] All recent scandals have all been HYBE kids. Clearly that’s not HYBE but BTS that are good with their greeting subtitles.