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BTS’s Japanese Fans Sent Support to the Group Upon Collective Enlistment 

As BTS members decided to enlist collectively, Japanese fans show support to the group in various way

On December 12 (local time), The Japan Times interviewed Japanese ARMYs (fans of BTS) to inquire about their feelings regarding BTS’s military enlistment. 

Some of these fans gathered at a cafe in the “Korea town” of Tokyo, and pledged to wait for the return of the members.

Regarding the collective enlistment of BTS, Ayami Ito (22), a nurse, expressed, “I feel sad but I think they’ll mature more going into the army and come back looking cool so I’m looking forward and want to wait for them.” 


Meanwhile, some other fans show support for BTS by taking commemorative photos with miniature figures and backdrops of BTS posters in a BTS-themed cafe.

Both Japanese and domestic fans showed diverse reactions to BTS’s collective military enlistment. Kim Yong-sun, who operates a BTS-themed cafe near the agency, said, “It was raining today, and I was a bit depressed. (But) ARMYs came to the cafe and boosted my spirits. Talking about the members and listening to their music made me feel much better.”

It is known that BTS has a global fan base of millions, forming a robust fandom who has significantly contributed to supporting social causes.

On the other hand, Jimin and Jungkook of BTS started their military service on December 12 of 2023, while RM and V began their service on the 11th. Previously, Jin joined the military in December of last year, followed by J-Hope in April this year and Suga, who is currently serving in public service, in September. 

With all members currently enlisting, BTS aim to resume full-group activities in 2025.

Source: Daum

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