Director of Ha Jung Woo’s plastic surgery clinic admits to propofol charges ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Director of plastic surgery clinic under suspicion of ‘Ha Jung Woo’s propofol use’ admits to majority of charges… prosecutors to do additional investigation

Source: Sports Today via Nate

1. [+3,396, -32] I thought this case was getting forgotten in the midst of corona

2. [+3,120, -37] So it’s true…

3. [+2,597, -43] Were the drugs worth it?

4. [+240, -2] Wow, so disappointing. So was he lying when he was on the walk?? He’s the worst!!

5. [+215, -2] So was he lying when he said it was administered for skin treatments then?

6. [+199, -4] I always thought he was cool for being so focused on his acting but then came to realize that his acting is no different from any other character he’s played and that he’s just as CF-crazed as anyone else.

7. [+193, -5] He’ll take a hiatus and come right back out… he’s rich, he has nothing to worry about.

8. [+171, -4] He’s an actor I really liked, how disappointing. What did he lack to want to do such a thing?

9. [+145, -5] His CFs are still running on TV, please take them down. Makes me want to boycott his products ㅡㅡ

10. [+140, -2] Well this is getting fun ㅋㅋ Ha Jung Woo denied the charges while the director admitted to the majority of them

11. [+135, -2] Farewell, Ha Jung Woo. Not only did you use propofol but you lied about it…

12. [+109, -2] I wanted to believe him until the end… but it’s over for him

13. [+101, -3] He should’ve just confessed something about how he’s been so stressed over his acting that he asked for propofol so he could finally get a night of sleep and begged for forgiveness… people would’ve been forgiving… but lying about it just makes him end up like this. Sorry but I have no interest in seeing lying celebrities, so farewell.

14. [+90, -2] He had such a positive image but all that is shattered now~ bye~

15. [+70, -1] After all that denying, tsk tsk.

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