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Doesn’t Jisoo really suit smoky makeup?

She has an innocent image, so I didn’t think about it much, but it really suits her. Seriously, the Music Core ‘Pretty Savage’ performance is legendary…

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1. [+89, -3] I agree. She was especially charming with her slightly smudged makeup in Lovesick Girls. She was like a cold city girlㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+76, -3] I agree, but it’s unexpected

3. [+49, -4] She’s so cool

4. [+37, -2] Personally, I hope that Jisoo’s solo will come out with a sinful concept, but I hope she sings with a lower tone and has vibes like her Dior video

5. [+25, -2] Whatever she does, it’s pretty

What do you think?

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