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Douyin Influencer Called “Real Life Mask Girl” as She Shocks Netizens with Her Unfiltered Appearance 

The beauty of this Douyin hot girl with filters turned off has surprised many

In China, Douyin is a hub for influencers, and their popularity can even be on the same par as celebrities. So, when they go filter-free, it’s always a hot topic. Netizens can’t help but wonder if they look as dazzling in real life as in their videos.

There are Douyin influencers who manage to look gorgeous even in real life. But then, there are those who leave everyone scratching their heads with their unfiltered appearance, like Xiao Wang – who is nicknamed a “sexy goddess.”

When Xiao Wang accidentally hit the switch on the Douyin beauty filter, netizens got a reality check on her looks. Her unfiltered visuals didn’t look stunning like her body, disappointing the fans. Some even called her out for supposedly “catfishing” them all this time.

There are still netizens defending Xiao Wang, saying she never bragged that she had a pretty face before. So, accusing her of “deception” seems a bit much. Plus, during the no-filter moment, Xiao Wang was bare-faced, if she had makeup on, she may have looked different.

Source: K14

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