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It looks awfully empty 

The 4th gloor is almost all empty 

They’re such good performers (especially Yeonjun), please fill it up ㅠ

(Green = free)

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1. [+133, -16]

With what kind of guts did they go for Gocheok?

2. [+102, -7]

I’m a Moa and I just hope we go back to KSPO DOME instead. The fact that they were selling the 4th floor at 160,000 won is too much 

3. [+99, -10]

If you’re gonna be on the 4th gloor, you’re literally going there just to listen to songs, who would spend 160,000won on a 4th floor?

4. [+94, -23]

It’s my first time seeing an idol unable to sell out Gocheok dome 

5. [+38, -84]

TXT did a US Arena tour, and perform at the stadium for 2 days and sold out on both. They also performed at Lolla Palooza as a headliner. Stop worrying about them and go worry on your own bias instead. TXT’s Gocheok dome will be fille to the rim in some days, go worry about your bias’ tour instead

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