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1 [+237, -44]
Nowadays songs that are easy to listen to are the trend, so I like that aespa went with a sound that they wanted to, the beat sounds very “organized” ㅋㅋ I liked it
2. [+230 -35]
F*ck it was freaking good. I love that they’ve stopped mentioning Kwangya in their lyrics but it still remained a Kwangya concept 
3. [+215, -38]
This was their strongst song, and the concept and MV were so well executed. The performance, their facial expressions, everything was upgraded. I’m looking forward to their music performance
4. [+209, -28]
This is a similar concept as Girls but they got rid of Yoo Youngjin’s countrified sound, I’m f*cking impressed. This was like a magnigifent opening to a game 
5. [+202, -34]
It’s not true that if a song isn’t an “easy to listen” song, it’s necessarily bad. Anyone can tell that this was a good song, of course it was a hit or miss, but definitely not a bad song 
6. [+119, -67]
The quality is so good, the beat itself sounded luxurious 

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