Famous singer A under controversy for “drunk rampage” and “gapjil” of KTX attendant staff over “no mask”

ArticleFamous singer A, “drunk rampage” on KTX… eventually the attendant had to apologize

Source: Xports News

It has been belatedly revealed that a famous singer was rude to KTX staff.

According to an exclusive report by Chosun Ilbo, famous singer A caused controversy in February of last year over “no mask.” According to reports, A boarded a KTX train from Masan Station to Seoul Station wearing a mask on his chin, singing in the room and talking on his phone loudly. 

When asked to put his mask on, A raised his voice again and stated, “Are you intentionally singling me out because I’m a celebrity?!” Eventually, the attendant had to apologize for A’s reckless behavior after he went on a drunk rampage on the hallway. 

Netizens are enraged over A’s ill-mannered behavior and slanderous attitude and are currently trying to discover his real identity. 

Meanwhile, four men and women also boarded a KTX train from Seoul to Masan in May last year and when the train departed, they took out soju, wrapped samgyeopsal (pork belly), and lettuce from a plastic bag and held a drinking party. They pulled off their masks, laughed, and chatted loudly and even shouted at passengers who protested their behavior. As the disturbance continued, all KTX staff gathered together and forced them to get off at the next stop. 

Following another disturbance in September last year where a man also pulled down his mask and sent “finger hearts” to a woman and was kicked out, KORAIL official stated, “By the end of this year, we plan to install CCTVs inside all trains including KTX to identify all train disturbances.”

  1. [+2,783, -100] We’ve become a top 10 powerhouse and are sweeping the world with our K-pop, K-drama and Hallyu but the character of our country is still far off. The education of our teachers and Workers Union is partly to blame. This is why we need to fix our character education first!
  2. [+2,123, -26] Gijanim, expose his name!! Just like politicians, expose all his dating history too. Public figures have responsibilities. Disrespect of public order should not be tolerated!
  3. [+602, -11] It really is a shitty absurd reality ~ In such a small space as a public train that ba$tard really went on a drinking rampage??! What kind of celebrity does this? Bastards like him don’t care about others. Drunks that do not respect public order need to get kicked!! The rest of us are able to use trains pleasantly to make sure everyone is comfortable so it’s only right that he’s exposed for this.
  4. [+698, -148] What kind of thug ba$tard would do something like this?? Was he birthed by the devil?
  5. [+309, -24] Famous singer A,, Who the hell could it be?? You!
  6. [+131, -2] Uh.. our country is totally rotten. This is a world where even Supreme Court judges take bribes and overturn rulings.. 
  7. [+110, -2] Stop with the pseudonyms like ‘famous singer’!! Expose his real name so that we can make him even more famous!
  8. [+85, -2] This is like some woman with an anger disorder going on a rampage at a department store!! What’s wrong with this world? Seriously, so many psychopaths.
  9. [+77, -1] If you’re not going to write his name don’t post articles! What he did is a crime.. why didn’t you get help to expose him through your agency?
  10. [+77, -2] Ah.. the f*cking nerve of those ba$tards to pull out samgyeopsal and lettuce is just..  daebak.. 
  11. [+36, -2] Why are attendants apologizing over thugs that violate rules?? Is that how manuals are written these days?
  12. [+16, -2] Eh.. how many famous celebs are there that are taking public trains?

Additional source: Chosun Ilbo

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