Foreigners share accounts of Korean hospitality during coronavirus ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: “A taxi driver gave me a mask” Foreigners reveal accounts of life in Korea

Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Nate

1. [+3,836, -265] We always say that our national character shines in times of crisis, and I’m really glad to have been born in this country. Our people don’t hoard supplies, we look out for one another, we have some of the best medical staff in the world, and our government has stepped up to the task.

2. [+3,040, -51] From what I hear, we barely have a dozen primary infection medical experts on infectious diseases in the entire country. I hope that this is an opportunity for our country to fund more training for infectious disease experts and actually give them their own department to learn and train in. I feel like this coronavirus is going to go on for longer than a year.

3. [+80, -1] Funny that the taxi driver didn’t let her off until she took some masks

4. [+75, -2] Wow, that taxi driver deserves the praise ㅜㅠㅠ

5. [+55, -0] Our country shines brighter even in the worst of situations like this. Our national character is the bestm find strength everyone~

6. [+45, -6] This crisis has made me realize how easy life is in our country. I can’t wait for corona to be over so that I can go on vacation all over the country with my family…

7. [+43, -0] Ah, what a sensible taxi driver ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+41, -0] Both foreigners are so kind~

9. [+40, -0] It’s because of taxi drivers like him who help build Korea to be a country to be proud of. Sending lots of love to that driver.

10. [+37, -2] Sometimes a third perspective is often the most accurate…

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