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Former April Lee Na-eun Denies Dating Rumors with Soccer Player Lee Kang-in

On January 2, Lee Na-eun’s agency, Namoo Actors, responded to the actress’ dating rumors with Lee Kang-in to EDaily, saying, “They are not in a romantic relationship but are just friends,” 

Meanwhile, earlier on the same day,  news outletThe Fact reported that Lee Na-eun and Lee Kang-in were in a romantic relationship. They explained that the two were often seen dating in cars and at their homes, accompanied by photos capturing moments of the two together.

lee kang in lee na eun

On the other hand, Lee Na-eun debuted in 2015 with the girl group April, and gained attention after appearing in the web drama “A-Teen”. She has since been pursuing an acting career, and recently signed an exclusive contract with Namoo.

At the same time, Lee Kang-in, a former cast member of KBS2’s “Fly Shoot Dori”, is currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain.

Source: Daum


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