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G-Dragon Releases Handwritten Letter Announcing 2024 Plans, “My New Start Was Possible Thanks To YG”

G-Dragon directly expressed his feelings as he embarked on a new journey after leaving YG

After leaving YG Entertainment, BIG BANG’s G-Dragon joined hands with Galaxy Corporation. The male singer officially announced his new start through a handwritten letter and did not forget to thank YG.

g dragon

At 10 a.m. on December 21st, Galaxy Corporation held a press conference at JW Marriott Hotel in Banpo-dong, Seoul to reveal their positions regarding G-Dragon’s drug allegations and future activities. The event was in charge of holding the event without G-Dragon’s attendance.

Below is G-Dragon’s handwritten letter.

This is Kwon Ji-yong.

I really wanted to meet everyone in person to greet and talk to you all this time, but I’m very sorry that I couldn’t make it. I thought a lot about how to greet everyone and what stories I should tell in the new year. As you know, I recently had a hard time, but I was able to overcome it well thanks to the great consideration and support from people around me. Thank you everyone.

Through this incident, I got to realize many things. As I watched the news, I learned that the average number of drug offenders has reached 20,000 people a year and that the number of juvenile drug offenders has increased significantly. However, only around 500 people among those 200,000 drug offenders can receive treatment through drug treatment facilities. Therefore, I came to think that I needed to take action. I want to actively join hands in eradicating drugs for young people who are easily exposed and those who are unknowingly going down this dangerous path. I want to share opportunities with many people who cannot access drug treatment. In addition, I want to play a systemic role as an older brother, a sibling, and a colleague to people who are powerless and weak to stand by them and protect them so that unfair things won’t be repeated.

Cho Seong-hae

I decided to create a foundation to sincerely and consistently carry out this plan. Through the foundation, I aim to stand on the side of people who suffer from prejudices and injustices and try to create a society where everyone can live together while being equally and fairly respected. While addressing social issues, such as drug regulations and inequality, and providing chances for artists who don’t have opportunities through music and art activities that Kwon Ji-yong as an artist and fans love, I will also nurture future generations. By growing seeds through these plans, I hope to collaborate with many outstanding fellow artists and arouse empathy from global fans so that we can create a dream for a world without prejudices with meaningful activities, such as launching campaigns for peace and an unbiased world.

Kwon Ji-yong wants to start 2024 in this way. I will fulfill my responsibilities and come back as an artist. I hope you will also fulfill your responsibilities in your respective position. I believe that this world can change when we think and act together.

It was an eventful year for me. I was able to stand back on my feet and organize everything so well because I was not alone and I had people who were with me from all around the world. I would like to convey my grateful heart to VIP fanclub, who embraced me with love like family from the beginning until the end and thanks to them I did not feel lonely at all. To repay your love, I will work hard to make better music as a singer. Therefore, I want to establish my first foundation in your name.

I was able to make such a meaningful start thanks to my new partner Galaxy Corporation and YG, who made me who I am today. All these things have become possible thanks to the countless experiences I’ve gained over the past 20 years of my time with members at YG, from my trainee days to BIG BANG and solo activities. I remember this in my heart for the rest of my mind while carrying out my future activities. I hope you can wrap up 2023 happily with your families and colleagues and join our steps toward a brighter society. Let’s love each other.

From Kwon Ji-yong

Source: Daum

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