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My friend said that it used to be tall back then but nowadays, it’s the average

By the way, my friend is 168 

1. I don’t think that’s super tall but it’s taller than the average?

2. I also feel the same. Nowadays, you need to be over 170 to be considered tall

3. If you’re over 160, you got rid of the “tiny” vibe

If you’re over 165, you’re not short

If you’re over 170, you’re a bit tall?

If you’re over 175, you’re tall

I think it’s like that

> I think that’s because kids are so tall nowadays

4. I’m also 168 and there are so many people taller than me that I don’t feel particularly tall… But I definitely don’t feel short either

5. I think that unless you’re way taller than the average, you kinda feel like you’re not that tall?

6. Even if you look at “nowadays”, that’s definitely not the average and it’s still on the taller side. You can clearly see the average among girls

7. My niece is that tall and she hates being so tall

8. It’s tall…..

9. Unless she’s lying about her height, that’s considered tall. I’m 167 and if I walk in the streets, there are so many people shorter than me, both men and women

10. I’m 169 and I’m tall no matter where I go… Just taking the public transport, I can feel it right away. Men’s eyes are about my level too

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