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G-Dragon’s Comeback in 1st Half of 2024, Possible BIGBANG Reunion

Music industry insiders said that G-Dragon’s comeback has been moved to 2024 while rumors of BIGBANG reunion emerge

On the afternoon of December 20, YG officially released a statement regarding the contract status with G-Dragon, affirming that the BIGBANG member is no longer signed under them. Previously in October, when G-Dragon faced drug controversies, YG also claimed that he is no longer a YG artist.

Now, the profile of G-Dragon has been removed from YG’s official website. As a result, G-Dragon is the last member of BIGBANG to leave YG.

g dragon

Meanwhile, as G-Dragon was declared innocent from drug accusations, the public has been paying more attention to his future plans.

On December 21, it is reported that G-Dragon is working with Galaxy Corporation and is preparing for a comeback in the 1st half of 2024. The comeback was initially planned for release in 2023, but has been delayed by drug controversies.

In addition, Galaxy Corp and G-Dragon also have plans for activities in Japan, and hints of an Asian tour after G-Dragon’s comeback have also been dropped, raising anticipation.

g dragon

Finally, Galaxy Corp also reportedly contacted BIGBANG’s Daesung and had a discussion with him. While the content of said discussion was not known, the company is considering not only Daesung’s individual activities but also his activities as part of BIGBANG.

There is thus a possibility of G-Dragon and Daesung’s collaboration as a unit, or even of a BIGBANG reunion.

Source: K14, Naver

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