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Article: Gain’s agency apologizes for propofol scandal “She’s been suffering from depression for a long time”

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+532] I wonder why it keeps getting worse for her. I hope she regains her health.

2. [+698] Long term depression… I feel bad for her

3. [+474] I wish Gain unni happiness…

4. [+187] Find strength. I remember how fun it was to watch her with Jo Kwon-ssi back then.

5. [+135] There aren’t any hate comments here but I know they’re out there and I hope that they’ll listen to her song ‘Truth or Dare’. I’m not trying to defend her but I think it’ll be easier to understand her mindset after hearing about how she spent years in such a situation.

6. [+197] She does seem very sick lately… let’s stop with the hate and show her support

7. [+117] I feel bad for her…

8. [+63] In the end, being rich and famous doesn’t always mean happiness

9. [+55] Anyone who knows the lifestyle of these people will know why so many suffer from depression and insomnia

10. [+49] So many shields

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