GD’s latest “visuals” and “acts” with reporters raise further suspicions in Korea

Article: “4 hr investigation ended in laughs…” GD shows confidence.. even cracks a joke.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo

G-Dragon is showing confidence in his innocence to the point that he joked with reporters.

On the afternoon of the 6th, the drug crime investigation unit of the Incheon Police Agency summoned G-Dragon who was suspected of drug abuse and interrogated him for about 4 hours. After concluding investigations that began at around 1:30, G-Dragon walked out of the police station around 5:20pm in a leisurely pace and answered reporters questions with a calm expression.

He stated, “The simple reagent test result came back negative and I urgently requested a detailed test. From now on, I think it would be good if the investigative agency quickly releases the results and expresses its position.”

When asked by reporters if he had submitted his cell phone, he stated, “I didn’t submit it. If there’s a list to submit in the future as needed, I will submit it.”

When asked about the content of the 4 hour investigation, he joked and stated, “We laughed.”

Embarrassed reporters asked, “please say that again?” G-Dragon responded, “It’s a joke. I came here to hear (the police’s story) without knowing what the current situation was. The police will also decide whether or not my statement will be helpful to the investigation or not.” As he answered, he smiled and shrugged his shoulders, maintaining a relaxed demeanor. 

Regarding whether he’d respond to additional subpoena summons, he stated, “I’ll come if I’m called.”

When asked if he thought the investigation that day was unreasonable, he stated, “I don’t think it was unreasonable because it was an investigation to prove that I had nothing to do with drug crimes. I hope they’ll push more in the positive direction and I’ll no longer not push back on unconfirmed information. For fans and the public watching, I hope you don’t worry too much. Please trust me and wait for me.”

He then took a bow and headed toward his vehicle with his hands together. 

This is G-Dragon’s first investigation since he was booked as a suspect on the 22nd of last month. To date, the time or location of the crime estimated by police regarding the alleged drug use is unknown. In order to accurately confirm whether he took drugs, police plan to request a detailed analysis from the National Institute of Forensic Science on the urine and hair samples collected. Generally, a simple reagent test produces a positive response if the drug was taken 5-10 days before. However, it’s difficult to evaluate if the drugs were administered prior to that. 

Currently, a total of 10 people, including G-Dragon and actor Lee Sung-kyun are under investigation or internal investigation by the Incheon Police Agency on suspicions of drug use. Through the process of confirming intelligence obtained in mid-September, police arrested A (29, female), a manager of a room salon and criminally charged 4 people including G-Dragon and Lee Sung-kyun. 

  1. [+979, -98] His eyes and actions don’t look normal… or is he normally like that.. 
  2. [+474, -15] Maybe it’s how his picture came out? He’s coming off a bit..  too similar to Yoo Ah-in.
  3. [+315, -34] He’s mocking our joke of a government .. 
  4. [+235, -105] Let’s just stay neutral guys ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.. no reason to hate someone who hasn’t injected drugs. 
  5. [+151, -23] The simple reagent test only works if he took drugs 5 days before.. it won’t show if he abused drugs 10 days agoㅋㅋㅋ. 
  6. [+117, -3] It’s even weirder he was moving like that on those clips if he didn’t abuse drugs.. ㅋㅋ 
  7. [+81, -3] Yeah.. well I hope it’s not true and he really didn’t do drugs.
  8. [+63, -3] He’s confident because he hasn’t done it ‘recently’게~~
  9. [+50, -1] His face even changed, his eyes are strange and his speech is slurred.. but he’s so confident? Hmm.. so what is it then? ㅎㅎ
  10. [+18, -7] So they were cracking jokes for 4 hours straight??? That’s f*cking scary. Four hours spent in grins.. isn’t this a side effect of drugs?!
  11. [+12, -1] Druggies always dye their hair black when they’re investigated.. I watched his interview and he kept twisting his body this way and that, his eyes weren’t focused either? 
  12. [+10, -1] Whether he’s caught now or not, he’s a druggie so it’s only a matter of time.. he can’t quit.

Additional source(s): OSEN

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