Yang Hyun Suk sentenced to 6 months in prison and 1 year probation for threatening Han Seo-hee with “death” over iKON B.I “drug” purchase

Article: [Comprehensive] Yang Hyun-suk, ‘not guilty’ in 1st trial, overturned in 2nd trial… “Exercise of power does not make the guilt light”

Source: Sports Chosun

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk‘s “not guilty” verdict has been overturned in appeals court.

On the 8th, Criminal Division 6-3 (Chief Judge Lee Ui-young, Won Jong-chan, and Park Won-cheol) of the Seoul High Court held an appeal hearing for Yang Hyun Suk on charges of violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes (threats of retaliation, etc.,) On this day, the court sentenced Yang Hyun-Suk to 6 months in prison and one year probation. Additionally, Mr. Kim, a former YG manager, was also sentenced to 4 months in prison and one year of probation.

The court stated, “The prosecutor appealed on grounds that the victim’s statement was credible. They argued the statement itself was not contradictory and caused fear. There were changes to the indictment and a forced meeting with Yang Hyun Suk was added and stated there was harm that guaranteed the right to defense. But it didn’t work. The lower court judged there was no evidence of harm and it was difficult to consider the threats sufficient to cause fear. A threat can only be established if there was a specific notice of harm. All circumstances must be combined and the second trial also examined additional evidence in accordance with the principle of substantial evidence.”

“The court acknowledges that the meeting with the victim [Han Seo-hee] took place. We also acknowledge Yang Hyun-suk’s criticism and cajoling comments toward the victim but we can not acknowledge any specific notice of harm. If you put everything together, it’s difficult for the victim’s statement to be accepted. The victim’s statement changed continuously and even if there are parts the victim remembered, it’s difficult to say the change in statement was natural. The prosecution also failed to present additional evidence in this regard and it’s difficult to understand under what circumstances they claim to have provided harm.”

“As for the indictment involving Yang Hyun-suk’s forced meeting or use of force, a psychological burden or pressure can be felt from this. It cannot be said that power was not used. As a YG representative, he used used his social status to call B.I to his office and scolded him. Using the fact that he was a company representative, he requested the victim reverse her statement regarding a drug crime and since the reversal was made, the internal investigation was concluded. Not only were free statements made to investigative agencies restricted, but the important social legal interests of the criminal justice function were lost for a considerable period of time. Exercise of power does not make the guilt light.” 

“With the resumption of the investigation following a whistleblower report in 2019, B.I was punished and the victim expressed that she did not want Yang to be punished. CEO Yang appears to have committed the crime under the mistaken belief that B.I did not commit a drug crime. We took into account the fact that the extent of the exercise of power was relatively minor.”

“Since there was no basis to conclude to the victim’s statement was false without additional confirmation, it must be seen that CEO Yang was aware of facts that could affect Han Seo-hee’s reputation such as rumors she had abused drugs. Even if he did so under false beliefs, he held a superior status and was able to criticize the victim and exercise his power to make her retract her statement. He cannot avoid punishment.” 

Meanwhile, the prosecution had previously requested a 3 year prison sentence for Yang Hyun Suk. 

  1. [+206, -2] Re-investigate Burning Sun!!
  2. [+204, -2] The crime isn’t a light one but the judge’s class in lightening the punishment is amazing~ A bus driver was sentenced to prison for a few hundred won for a coffee but this thug sent threats over a druggie and yet… what a class ~ as expected.. what an amazing judge ~
  3. [+79, -9] A verdict straight from Jeolla-do! How come all the idols and celebrities from that agency are all criminals??!! 
  4. [+54, -1] Any druggie criminals should automatically receive a prison sentence!
  5. [+53, -1] Isn’t this judge aware YG is a drug store??! He can say he didn’t do drugs but this is YG. That Seungri ba$tard too… so this thug gets to cut the tail too?? Wasn’t Burning Sun being re-investigated?? Burning Sun was a hot bed of drugs!! That Seungri ba$tard needs to be arrested too!
  6. [+40, -2] What kind of punishment.. they’re just putting a show with blindfolds. Even the courts are lending a hand now… f*ck. This hell Joseon drug state is the bigger issue!
  7. [+25, -3] He’s the worst type of criminal that deserves at least a few years but.. only 6 months.. looks like the judges are the same type of ba$tards!
  8. [+10, -4] An uncivilized nation where you’re judged a criminal or hero depending on the regime…

Additional source(s): STAR News, Yonhap News, Chosun Ilbo, MBC 

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