Gugudan’s Mina speaks out against diet culture and beauty standards ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Gugudan Mina, “Being skinny is the best? You can live your life like that” criticism

Source: Sports World via Nate

When a viewer brought up her sparkling water diet, Mina replied, “I tried the diet myself so I know that it’s really bad. I talked about the diet to tell people not to ever do it, not to say ‘everyone should try it.’ I feel upset whenever I get questions about dieting. Being skinny isn’t the standard for beauty, right? You’re not pretty just for being skinny and you’re not ugly just for being fat.” When a viewer commented back, “But I still prefer skinny”, Mina replied, “Then you can live your life like that.”

1. [+1,490, -406] Then why did she lose weight herself..? ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1,326, -335] Her words don’t match her actions… She should gain her weight back then.

3. [+128, -31] I like Mina but her words are hypocritical. She lost weight when she was chubby to be prettier. She can say this stuff if she goes back to her old weight.

4. [+110, -30] Sounds like she’s suffering from the same disease as Ha Yeon Soo -_-

5. [+99, -21] Why’s her attitude like this to someone who wants to be skinny when she herself went through a rigorous diet to make more money?

6. [+88, -32] That’s quite c*cky of her attitude

7. [+75, -19] I don’t think people are understanding what she’s saying. When Kang Mina was in the news for her sparkling water diet, she realized how bad it was for her health and how much she regretted it. She’s now gained a bit more weight since then but with people telling her that they still prefer being ‘skinny’, she’d rather they think what they want at that point. She’s not saying all of dieting is bad, she’s just saying that she went to the extremes as a celebrity and would rather not recommend such unhealthy methods to non-celebrities.

8. [+64, -49] She’s right. We really need to get rid of the notion that you can only be pretty if you’re skinny.

9. [+50, -11] Remember when she cried because she was the fattest in IOI

10. [+43, -15] But I was thinking the same thing, that she dieted too ㅋㅋ

11. [+34, -7] But let’s be honest. Before she lost weight, she got told that she looked like Kim Jun Hyun all the time. It wasn’t until she lost weight that she started getting praise for her looks and making more money.

12. [+32, -2] It’d make more sense for someone like Guk Joo unni to say this… We all know she starved herself and drank only sparkling water to lose her weight so for the rest of us, it’s just like “huh?” to hear her say this. She wanted to be skinny herself to the point of starving.

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