Han Ye Seul reveals her handsome boyfriend ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Han Ye Seul updates Instagram with boyfriend reveal

Source: Issue Magazine via Instagram

1. [+139] Wow, he’s handsome and has an amazing body

2. [+30] He looks like a younger Teddy…… or is it just me 😮

3. [+33] Really? I have a good feeling about him~ I wish them a happy relationship~

4. [+9] I thought this was clickbait but she really is dating some Lee Je Hoon lookalike… I’m surprised. I wish them a happy relationship.

5. [+1] I thought it was Lee Je Hoon

6. [+2] He’s handsome ㅋㅋ kind of has a similar look to Teddy

7. [+2] Wow daebak

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