Hollywood: Emrata

Article: Famous English model stirs controversy over one picture with son

Source: MBN via Naver

1. [+5,228, -131] She has an amazing body but a dumb brain

2. [+2,022, -55] Three month old babies can’t prop their necks up so you have to support their heads. It can cause grave injuries otherwise. She deserves all the hate for showing off her bikini body while holding up a baby like that.

3. [+1,591, -55] She wantd to show off her own body while holding up a baby that can’t even hold its own head up like this? Why couldn’t she put the baby down somewhere first? Zero rights to be a mother…

4. [+927, -28] If the baby’s only three months, it still can’t hold its head up yet and its spine is still weak. She should be supporting its butt but I guess showing off her body was more important. The baby is not a teddy bear… this is so immature.

5. [+584, -11] Quite obvious that she doesn’t take care of the baby on the regular… just treats it like a teddy bear prop for photos.

6. [+102, -3] I have never seen anyone hold their baby like this anywhere in the world ㅋ

7. [+67, -2] It’s obvious that she gave birth to the baby but never had to raise it for a day in its life. She probably passed it off to a nanny right away. Definitely doesn’t breast feed either. She needs to brush up on child rearing skills.

8. [+45, -4] She must be crazy! Hold up the head!! Support the neck!! I don’t even have a child and I know these basics!! Aigoo ㅠ Please don’t have kids if you’re a narcissist like this, man or woman. I’m not saying you have to lose yourself to have kids but you should understand that they require a lot of sacrifice and love. As a parent, you should always be ready to learn. What is this? This is so dangerous looking.

9. [+40, -1] Completely lost her mind to showing off her body

10. [+33, -1] Is she really the baby’s mom??? How can anyone hold a baby like this???

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