Hong Jin Young admits to plagiarizing her thesis, opens up about her fear ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Hong Jin Young apologizes for plagiarizing thesis “I couldn’t admit it because I was scared I’d never be able to perform again”

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Naver

1. [+1,660, -39] All she had to do was stick to her trot singing, why get greedy and go for a fake master’s and cause this mess? How many celebrities actually have the time to attend classes, take tests, and graduate normally? Times have changed and you need to keep up.

2. [+1,204, -49] You call that an excuse? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Farewell

3. [+685, -30] Nope, you should not be thinking of performing on stage anymore. Plagiarizing your thesis is a crime. You cannot just expect to brush it under the rug!

4. [+381, -4] The plagiarism isn’t the issue for me because how many kids haven’t copied something in their lives? What pissed me off was the “then cancel the degree” reaction from her. She ruined her image with that one.

5. [+377, -5] I’m just glad we don’t have to see her unni anymore. I don’t hate her or anything but I never got why her unni was a fixed cast member.

6. [+221, -1] The balls of her to go on ‘Radio Star’ and claim she wrote her own thesis while thinking she’d never get caught

7. [+209, -7] She’s only apologizing now that she’s been caught.. and it sounds like she’s going to get back to performing once all this blows over. Please just reflect and stay off of TV…. 

8. [+198, -13] She writes about her degree in her apology like it’s something that can be “returned” but she should know that the correct expression is that she’s actually “disqualified” from the degree. How did she write a thesis without even knowing the basics like this… Her apology doesn’t sound genuine, just sounds like she’s admitting it before the fire spreads to her father.

9. [+151, -2] She probably realized she has no more holes left to escape from . I’m almost scared with how easily she was able to lie on shows like ‘Radio Star’.

10. [+116, -3] Just too much greed!! And her mother and sister thought they could get a free ride to fame off her back while others have to struggle for such opportunities! This is why people are mad and angry with you.

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