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Article: BTS becomes labelmates with Justin Bieber.. HYBE acquires huge American label

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+191, -1] We really don’t know where the end of all this is. Keep going until you get there! Fighting!

2. [+64, -7] So comparable to SM, who only cares about that China money. I support Big Hit for their success in the American market and JYP for their success in the Japanese market.

3. [+35, -6] Just have to watch out for the Chinese investment risks

4. [+17, -1] Proud of them!!!!!

5. [+20, -8] Big Hit feels like they’re in too much of a rush

6. [+11, -0] BTS is past the point of a flash in the pan star. They have taken place as legends in history. I’m just worried about China somehow trying to take all the credit.

7. [+6, -0] How far will Bang Shi Hyuk go??? I just hope he doesn’t forget that BTS was the foundation for all of this~~~

8. [+4, -0] Daebak

Source: Naver

1. [+98, -1] Amazing of HYBE for growing globally beyond our imaginations 👍 I support BTS for being the blood, sweat, and tears behind this growth.

2. [+37, -0] So Bieber and Ariana Grande will be subsidiaries to Big Hit (in the US) and be managed under them, damn

3. [+38, -3] They’re getting bigger and bigger. I’ll always support you, BTS.

4. [+22, -0] Wow… how far are they going to go

5. [+13, -0] BTS is worth an amazing amount

6. [+6, -1] Look how different an agency is run when it’s run by someone with a Seoul University degree

7. [+5, -0] Wow, daebak! BTS and Big Hit, the best! I hope this gives more room for BTS to spread their wings and enables them to hold all the concerts they want!

8. [+4, -0] Anyone think Big Hit is overextending themselves?

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