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Article: [Exclusive] “Don’t worry, Armies” Hybe will be protecting BTS ‘Borahae’

Source: Bloter via Naver

1. [+182, -9] Please register the copyright under Kim Taehyung’s name, the person who came up with ‘Borahae’ and gave it such deep meaning and life. I don’t want anyone to ever steal that from him.

2. [+95, -3] ‘Borahae’ has gone from a fandom saying to something that’s become popular worldwide. From McDonald’s packaging to collabs, campaigns, Hybe content… it has reached a point where it needs copyright protection. I hope that V gets the proper royalties from it since he created the saying ^^

3. [+63, -2] ‘Borahae’ belongs to BTS and Armies… Taehyung gave it meaning twice. It would’ve been better if Hybe had acted on protecting it before something like this had to happen but thank you for doing it late than never. Please also look into copyright ‘I Purple You’.

4. [+60, -3] ‘Borahae’ is a message of love sent from V to Armies, no one can touch it. It must be protected.

5. [+33, -1] It feels a bit late but I’m glad that it’s being copyrighted at least now

6. [+34, -6] ‘Borahae’ belongs to Kim Taehyung, not Hybe

7. [+22, -2] Something about the article leaves me feeling cold. Hybe has gotten a lot of profit from ‘Borahae’ so they should make sure to copyright it under Kim Taehyung since it’s his idea. Protecting your own artists also means crediting them where credit is due. ‘Borahae’ was created by Taehyung.

8. [+22, -4] ‘Borahae’ does not belong to Hybe or Big Hit or anyone else but BTS V, Kim Taehyung. It’s his promise and love for his fans. The company has no rights to it at all. It must be registered under ‘BTS V’ and ‘Kim Taehyung’.

9. [+22, -5] Surely you’re not registering it under ‘Hybe’, right? Kim Taehyung created it. Surely Hybe didn’t create this whole mess just so they can steal it, right? If it does indeed get registered under Hybe, then I’ll have to believe that this whole scandal was staged by the company under the guise of protecting their own artist. I trust you to do the right thing.

10. [+19, -2] Kim Taehyung should own all rights to it. Surely the agency is not trying to slip it under their own name, right? What have you been doing all these years that you’re only acting now that some other company is trying to claim ownership of it? Is Hybe trying to pull a fast one on us to register it under themselves? Kim Taehyung owns it, he created it. It should be registered under him!!

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