Hyelin reveals she used to work part-time at a restaurant during EXID’s hiatus ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Hyelin has been working part-time at a restaurant after EXID’s contract expiration

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+1,337] I find this 100 times braver than letting her pride get in the way and not doing any type of work and then eventually suffering from depression. 

2. [+691] She’s not working part-time because she doesn’t have money, she’s doing it because she has nothing else to do, so please do not feel pity for her.

3. [+667] She’s a hard worker. But I wonder if EXID is completely disbanded or not? I feel like they ended on an ambiguous note.

4. [+612] People like her always meant for great things. I have a lot of respect for her for starting to work-part time and picking up reading as a hobby because she didn’t want to feel idle.

5. [+130] Nothing wrong with working part-time… and EXID has only really had one hit song, right??

6. [+94] EXID’s contract didn’t expire, their contracts with their previous agency expired. They’re still under a new agency right now.

7. [+12] It’s good to see her not only working hard but doing what she wants to do 😍😍🤗

8. [+5] They didn’t disband. They recently had an online concert too.

9. [+3] Hyelin-nim, find strength!!

10. [+2] That’s cool of her

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